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If you have a dream for a cosmetics line, Machiaj Laboratories can help to make it a reality. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our natural makeup manufacturers will consult with you in the development and manufacture of your product range, combining your vision with our expertise to come up with something that speaks to your market.

We have special capabilities as organic private label cosmetics manufacturers, responding to the ever-increasing consumer demand for natural, organic and eco-certified products. Our years in the industry have made us extremely agile when it comes to adapting to shifting market trends. This agility is just part of what makes us one of the best private label cosmetics manufacturers in the business.



Machiaj Laboratories' capabilities as private label manufacturers include:

Product Research & Development - This includes formulation development, procedure specifications, analytical method development, stability testing, pilot batches, batch optimisation, and product registration with regulatory authorities.

Manufacturing - Backed by 30+ years of experience as manufacturers of beauty products, we work alongside the R&D team to manufacture orders of all quantities. Throughout the process, we employ the highest standards of confidentiality and quality control.

Tailored Packaging & Graphic Design - We can manufacture and fill to your packaging requirements, as well as arrange for your packaging artwork in line with supplied style guide specifications. Our beauty products manufacturers and designers can also source unique packaging materials to meet your needs.

To partner with one of the best organic private label skin care manufacturers in the industry, contact us today.



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