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Machiaj Laboratories is proud to be one of the top hair product manufacturing companies in Australia. Our hair care manufacturers offer research, development and production of a variety of products, including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, styling products, sprays and a wide range of specialty styling products.

In the highly competitive hair-care market, products need not only superior quality, but an exciting edge to be noticed. At Machiaj Laboratories, we are committed to helping our clients be heard above their competitors with a unique and exciting product that sets them apart.

Our hair product manufacturers work closely to your brief to ensure a premium product that meets your specifications, with efficient turnaround, thorough research and development, and a quality-controlled manufacturing process. It is this true dedication to meeting your requirements that sets us apart from other shampoo manufacturers in Australia.



As an experienced manufacturer of hair products, we are able to manufacture unique formulations according to your batch requirements. We can also reformulate your existing hair care products for better quality and performance. This can include specialty features such as:

  • Shine
  • Softness
  • Conditioning
  • De-tangling
  • Volumising
  • Protection
  • Repair
  • Holding and shaping
  • Colour protection
  • Manageability
  • Beard care
  • Shaving range

We also specialise in formulating products that contain organic and natural materials, including botanical and eco-certified ingredients. Not many hair product manufacturing companies offer such flexibility.

To speak with one of the most trusted shampoo manufacturers in Australia about your product needs, please contact us via phone, email or online enquiry form today.



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