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A dedicated partner, focused on growing your business.

With more than 30 years' experience manufacturing many of the leading products represented in the global market, we can ensure your product quality will exceed all expectations. Our research, development and manufacturing team have the equipment and expertise to work with orders of all quantities and all types. Meanwhile, our carefully honed manufacturing process of cosmetics and skincare ensures the finished product meets your specifications.

By working with Machiaj Laboratories, you gain a loyal partner who is focused on growing your business, helping it to meet the needs of its consumers and achieve success in the ultra-competitive beauty and personal care product market.



We apply strict quality control to our manufacturing process of cosmetics. Our operation standards are based on the validation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practise), strict manufacturing compliance guidelines, and effective post-market monitoring.


We understand the importance of client confidentiality. That's why we work to ensure both your formulations and your company's privacy remain intact.


To meet customer and client expectations, we ensure our highly-trained staff use only the highest quality ingredients. Along with this, batch consistency is also a high priority. Supplying consistent and precise quantity through our controlled processes means your formulation will be perfect every time.

Through our systems and procedures, including Quality Management Systems, Quality Assurance Production and QC Departments, each process is regularly monitored and audited by the Quality Department - from the research stage through to the cosmetics manufacturing process.


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