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Machiaj Laboratories' formulation of cosmetic products is backed by extensive research and development. We can work with a business of any size to create innovative, specialised and scientifically advanced cosmetics.

Known for having impressive skills, knowledge and experience, our team will develop your formula using ingredients in compliance with global corresponding authorities.



Our cosmetic development labs are fully equipped to offer a number of premium research and development services, including:

  • Formulations development (including cosmetic cream formulation development)
  • Procedure specifications
  • Development of analytical methods (including method validation)
  • Stability testing (preservative, efficient testing)
  • Product registration with regulatory authorities, including EU registrations on portal.
  • Pilot batches and technology transfer
  • Batch optimisation and scale up
  • Equipment qualification
  • Troubleshooting and improving existing formulations
  • Extending product ranges

For more information on our cosmetic product development services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


At Machiaj Laboratories, our formulation of cosmetic products covers a wide range of skincare, including lotions and creams, body washes and scrubs, skin treatments, hair care, and self-tanning products. This includes organic, natural and eco-certified ingredients skincare with a variety of benefits ranging from anti-ageing to oil-free formulations.

No matter what the product or quantity order, all research, development and manufacturing at our cosmetic development labs is done according to strict quality control practices and with a commitment to prompt turnaround.

Whether you require cosmetic cream formulation development or a unique self-tanning solution, partner with Machiaj Laboratories for a quality product backed by thorough research.



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